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Martin Peleš

Our guide Martin is an active person, who spends most of his free time in the mountains. He finished his Bachelor studies in Institute of High Mountain Biology in Tatranská Javorina. During his Master studies in Norway he focused on research of Brown bear in Western Carpathians. Martin is certified guide in tourism from 2016. In cooperation with Slovak Wildlife Society he helped as a guide in research project about Large Carnivores during winter. He likes to share his knowledge with people interested in nature.

Mgr. Michal Haring, MSc.

English speaking guide from Slovakia completed the Nature Guard study programme at Zilina University's Institute of High Mountain Biology in the Tatra Mountains. Michal is particularly interested in human-bear coexistance. He is holder of Track & Sign Certificate by Cybertrackers. He tracks large carnivores (and other wildlife) in order to collect samples for genetic analysis. He has also activities like: talks in schools, presentations and exhibitions. He also completed study in Alpine Ecology at the University College of South-Eastern Norway and Zilina University with Master Thesis about Bear Attacks on humans.

Sam Puls

Our guide Sam Puls is a wildlife biologist from Belgium. Sam has spent enough time here to realise the beautiful nature Slovakia has to offer. Most of his holidays are spent out in nature, hiking in some of the most beautiful places around Europe (and further). Sam’s main interests are large mammals, but also has a decent knowledge about birds and other taxa. Quite often you will see his eyes wondering off focussing on the ground looking for animal tracks.
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